janfrekvCheck out from 37:45'ish, P mate :) :)
Farming Simulator 19 - Pre-Release Stream
A full week of streaming about all things Farming Simulator ...
janfrekvTIming for official release, from Giants
janfrekv   Hopefully this means that for those of us who have preordered, everything will be downloaded and ready to go at 00:01 20th november? :)
Piskotes   Why you have to be always first??
Does it count for you, even when is time to go out clear the snow?

Eventually we all get there guys, so no rush #chill , ;)
janfrekv   Hahahaha - right, I won't play on server until november 22th, if that makes you feel better mate ;) LOL

And regarding snow - when I'm rich, I'll put down warm pipes under the gravel on the yard here to never EVER see snow outside garage again ;)
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janfrekvPlease do *NOT* fill up pallets to completely full :/ Pallets are made VERY slowly, and the only places who really use a lot of pallets are Greenhouses and Orchards. Max 10k pallets per load to factories! Someone has filled up Frito Lay with 60k pallets, and that will most likely last for 4 months (if we were to play this map that long)...
janfrekvJust remember guys, before restarting server (zero-bug, for instance):
Make sure being logged in as Admin first, then save game - before restarting... (to not loose those up to 30 mins of gameplay)
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